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SwissLegal Indemini Partner SA

Welcome to SwissLegal in Lugano

We are the youngest member of the SwissLegal group and represent the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. The Lugano-based firm was founded in 2015 by Ms. Clarissa Indemini, attorney-at-law and notary public, and operated under the name Clarinde Law SA until joining SwissLegal (end of 2021).

Our areas of expertise include both public and private law, with a focus on civil law - including family and inheritance law - as well as on service, contract, construction, real estate and criminal law. Finally, thanks to the good cooperation with competent and trustworthy partners, we can also advise clients in national and international tax matters. Our range of services is rounded off with notarial services, which RA Clarissa Indemini provides as a licensed notary and notary public in the Canton of Ticino.

Our young and dynamic team is pleased to be the Ticino face of the SwissLegal family since the beginning of 2022 and to represent this prestigious network of law firms in the Italian part of Switzerland, which serves as a valuable and competent resource for our Ticino office and with whose national partner offices we are happy to cooperate. In this way, we will be able and motivated to support and advise our clients in an increasingly broad, interdisciplinary range of specialties - and beyond the national borders.

Practice areas in Lugano

Business and Trade

Construction and Real Estate

Family and Private Law

Litigation and Arbitration

Employment, Health and Sports

Contracts, Cases and Certificates

Criminal Law and Traffic Law

Damages and Insurance

Public Law and Government

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SwissLegal Indemini Partner SA
Via G.B. Pioda 8
CH - 6900 Lugano