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SwissLegal Baulex

Welcome to SwissLegal in Neuchâtel

We are a broadly oriented and business-focused mid-market practice based in Neuchâtel, which has been offering a wide spectrum of services across diverse legal fields – and languages – for many years. We have also been successfully established as a representative within the SwissLegal Group since 2018.

Our clients are both national and international businesses, SMEs, start-ups and individuals, as well as public bodies and associations from a wide range of sectors who value our flat structure, our solution-oriented approach and our individual touch.

We focus primarily on legal services surrounding contract law, construction and real estate law, criminal law, administrative law, and rental, tenancy and property law – and bilingually in either French or German, either side of the “border” separating these two language regions.

Our goal is to build expert, personal and stable trusting relationships within which we remain open to creative and unconventional solutions.

Practice areas in Neuchâtel

Construction and Real Estate

Contracts, Cases and Certificates

Criminal Law and Traffic Law

Public Law and Government

Our specialists Neuchâtel

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SwissLegal Baulex
Place Pury 3
P.O. Box 2245
CH - 2000 Neuchâtel