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SwissLegal Rouiller & Associés

Welcome to SwissLegal in Geneva

SwissLegal Rouiller & Associés was founded in 2018 and is a leading law firm with offices in Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg. It provides its clients with first-class legal services in most areas of law.

The law firm uses its vast experience to represent clients predominantly in the contractual and commercial domains, and supports individuals and companies at each stage in an organization’s life cycle (advice relating to the formation and management of companies, negotiating and drafting contracts, support with labor law, obtaining residence permits for employees and investors). This means our team not only provides Swiss and international businesses with ongoing support for their senior leadership, but we are also available to answer one-off questions, always favoring an approach that is constructive, pragmatic and tailored to each situation.

The daily work of the law firm’s attorneys is to carry out legal representation in the areas of private litigation, criminal proceedings and other cases concerning the jurisdiction of tribunals or prosecuting authorities. They have extensive experience in the fields of civil, administrative and criminal proceedings, whose importance and complexity continue to grow and require broad knowledge, both theoretical and practical. The firm also has several attorneys who regularly work in Swiss and international arbitration courts, as both attorneys and arbitrators, and in front of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

Our team also supports clients with administrative matters relating to construction and land development law, environmental law and the rights of foreigners. The firm is regularly consulted by public bodies (municipalities, federal administration services, etc.) for insightful advice concerning complex administrative matters.

Mindful of adapting its services to changes in society and the market, SwissLegal Rouiller & Associés has always aligned its core competencies with the areas of research, new technologies and fintech. In doing so, the firm advises clients on matters such as creating the appropriate frameworks for launching cryptocurrencies (ICOs) and other projects that use blockchain technology.

Practice areas in Geneva

Business and Trade

Construction and Real Estate

Family and Private Law

Data, Cryptocurrency and Compliance

Litigation and Arbitration

International and European Law

Employment, Health and Sports

Intellectual Property and Art

Contracts, Cases and Certificates

Criminal Law and Traffic Law

Damages and Insurance

Public Law and Government

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SwissLegal Rouiller & Associés
Rue Rodolphe-Tœpffer 8
CH - 1206 Geneva

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