"Corona and Liability" (Podcast dated 20 May 2020)


Podcast by Prof. Dr. Walter Fellmann, Professor at the University of Lucerne, specialist lawyer SAV liability and insurance law, lawyer at SwissLegal Fellmann Rechtsanwälte AG (in Meggen).

As part of the lecture series "Legal and economic issues surrounding the corona crisis" at the Europainstitut of the University of Zurich ("EIZ"), Prof. Dr. Walter Fellmann explored various liability issues in his lecture - from the question of liability for infection, for failure to take security measures, to the question of whether the corona crisis qualifies as "force majeure", to what extent it influences the consequences of liability in the event of failure to perform or - even more controversially - if and to what extent the Confederation could become liable for damages (so-called state liability) for the consequences of the measures ordered by the COVID 19 Ordinances 2.

>>> Please find enclosed the complete presentation (Podcast) as PDF for download.

Further podcasts of the lecture series can be found on the EIZ homepage at https://bit.ly/2Tiva87.

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Podcast by Prof. Dr. Walter Fellmann