Preferred Partners

Bienvenue à nos partenaires privilégiés

SwissLegal stands for a Swiss-wide network of locally based law firms. However, as today's legal issues are not only more complex but also increasingly international in nature, we would like to offer our clients access to a network of experienced partner law firms through our Preferred Partner Program, who will work for their interests with their usual commitment and expertise. In particular, we are proud to have recently entered into a Preferred Partnership with the following well-known global players:


Located in 23 jurisdictions of the Courts of Appeal, Lexavoué lawyers have a thorough knowledge of local case law. Lexavoué assists both companies and individuals, providing them with advice and support in litigation matters. They assist institutional clients in the management of their multiple disputes by offering them the possibility of having a single point of entry within Lexavoué. Thanks to their partnership with bailiffs, they accompany their clients from the summons to enforcement.

Last but not least, Lexavoué lawyers have been formed and have developed a practice of amicable dispute resolution methods (collaborative law, participative procedure, mediation, conciliation). From the initial contact to the life of the case, they analyze the needs and provide their clients with the strength of a nationally established group.

  • Lexavoué

Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP

A law firm in Albany, New York, whose practice is broad-based and always open to new ideas and approaches. According to WOH, this is a fundamental factor to be able to treat and solve increasing complexity of legal issues in a growing number of legal areas. Particularly because certain facts and circumstances can change in the course of time, creativity as well as professional training of our lawyers are mandatory requirements in order to cope with the aforementioned development.

In order to provide clients with sound advice in complex matters, WOH specifically relies on colleagues from different areas of expertise who can take into account as many facets of a situation as possible. Several hundred clients of the so-called FORTUNE 500 companies, government agencies and numerous SMEs already use the services of WOH - most of them already as loyal, long-standing clients.

  • WOH

WINCON-Junyichen Law Group

Since its founding in 1995, Wincon Law Firm ("Wincon") has become a nationally and internationally recognized, reputable law firm over the past 20+ years. It currently owns offices in Qingdao, Beijing, Seoul, Sydney, Washington, as well as throughout Shandong Province, and enjoys a reputation as a pragmatic, solution-oriented law firm with a broad range of industry-specific expertise. With its team of over 200 lawyers and industry experts around the world, it provides clients with both local and international services.

Wincon has received numerous national and international awards during the course of her practice and is an officially recognized partner for organizations such as Chambers and Partners and Asian Legal Business.