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SwissLegal (Bern) AG

Welcome to SwissLegal in Bern

We are a modern, business-oriented practice based in the heart of Switzerland’s capital city and a longstanding member of the SwissLegal Group. We foster flat structures in our practice and value multidisciplinary variety, professional knowledge-sharing and expertise. Well-connected in the region yet with independent lawyers, we aim to devise economically sensible solutions which meet our clients’ interests. Our core strength lies in our efficient, focused and solution-oriented approach.

Our clients include national and international businesses, SMEs, start-ups and private clients, as well as public bodies and associations from a wide range of business and technical sectors.

We focus primarily on legal services in corporate and commercial law, contract law, construction and employment law, and in particular the law surrounding new technologies and data protection and security. Furthermore, we also work on European legal matters.

Our goal is to ensure long-term relationships through passionate dedication and expert support, creating economic value with a pragmatic and holistic approach while always remining open to creative solutions.

Practice areas in Bern

Business and Trade

Construction and Real Estate

Family and Private Law

Data, Cryptocurrency and Compliance

Litigation and Arbitration

International and European Law

Employment, Health and Sports

Intellectual Property and Art

Contracts, Cases and Certificates

Criminal Law and Traffic Law

Public Law and Government

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SwissLegal (Bern) AG
Bubenbergplatz 5
P.O. Box 2979
CH - 3001 Bern

Fax + 41 (0)31 328 20 09